Herbs and Uses


Herbs and Uses
WhitlowMake a hole in the lime and insert the affected finger and use it as a bandage
Pain in knee joint, bone joint, etcCut the lemons into small pieces. Tie them in a cotton cloth. Dip this in hot gingelly oil, and foment the affected joints when bearably hot.
Sprain, SwellingGrind lime leaves into a fine paste. Mix it with an equal quantity of butter. Apply on the affected areas.
Swelling and pain in legs, hand, ankle, etcMix equal quantities of castor oil and lime juice. Massage the affected area with this mixture. (Also drink 1 cup warm water mixed with lime juice and honey)
DiabetesMix 2 tsp lime juice in 4 tsp amla juice and 1 tsp honey. Take in the morning on an empty stomach.
High blood pressureMix 1 tsp lime juice in 1 teacup buttermilk. Drink frequently.
Herbs and Uses
Swollen legsMix 1/2 teacup each of the juices of dhatura leaves, madar leaves and ginger. Allow the mixture to boil in 1/2 teacup sesame oil. cool and apply on the swollen limbs.
BaldnessMake a paste of 2 tsp each liquorice root and seeds of dhatura, a little saffron and 1 tsp milk cream. Fry this paste in 2 tsp coconut oil till charred. Apply on bald patches. (caution: Dhatura is poisonous.)

Grind a tender fruit of dhatura and apply on the bald patches. ( Note : some doctors recommend that one’s own saliva be used for grinding the tender fruit, instead of water.)

EarachePut a few drops of leaf juice into the affected ear.
Earache, suppurative conditions of the earBoil 1/2 teacup each dhatura leaf juice and sesame oil in a tin vessel on a low fire. When half of the juice has evaporated, put in 7 leaves of madar, smeared with oil and sprinkled with a little salt. Boil till they are charred. Strain and bottle. Use as ear drops.

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