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Herbs and Uses


Lime (07-07-2015)


Whitlow Make a hole in the lime and insert the affected finger and use it as a bandage
Pain in knee joint, bone joint, etc Cut the lemons into small pieces. Tie them in a cotton cloth. Dip this in hot gingelly oil, and foment the affected joints when bearably hot.
Sprain, Swelling

Grind lime leaves into a fine paste. Mix it with an equal quantity of butter. Apply on the affected areas.

Swelling and pain in legs, hand, ankle, etc Mix equal quantities of castor oil and lime juice. Massage the affected area with this mixture. (Also drink 1 cup warm water mixed with lime juice and honey)
Diabetes Mix 2 tsp lime juice in 4 tsp amla juice and 1 tsp honey. Take in the morning on an empty stomach.
High blood pressure Mix 1 tsp lime juice in 1 teacup buttermilk. Drink frequently.


Dhatura (28-06-2015)


Swollen legs Mix 1/2 teacup each of the juices of dhatura leaves, madar leaves and ginger. Allow the mixture to boil in 1/2 teacup sesame oil. cool and apply on the swollen limbs.
Baldness Make a paste of 2 tsp each liquorice root and seeds of dhatura, a little saffron and 1 tsp milk cream. Fry this paste in 2 tsp coconut oil till charred. Apply on bald patches. (caution: Dhatura is poisonous.)

Grind a tender fruit of dhatura and apply on the bald patches. ( Note : some doctors recommend that one’s own saliva be used for grinding the tender fruit, instead of water.)

Put a few drops of leaf juice into the affected ear.

Earache, suppurative conditions of the ear Boil 1/2 teacup each dhatura leaf juice and sesame oil in a tin vessel on a low fire. When half of the juice has evaporated, put in 7 leaves of madar, smeared with oil and sprinkled with a little salt. Boil till they are charred. Strain and bottle. Use as ear drops.


Amla (18-06-2015)

Constipation Soak 1 or 2 dried fruits in water overnight. Mash and filter the next morning. Add 1 tsp honey and drink.
Urinary problems

Soak separately 2 tsp each dried amla and raisins in water overnight. Mash, filter and drink the next morning. Continue for a few days.

Dandruff, eye-problems, hair-loss, jaundice, night blindness pitta-aggravation Crush fresh amla fruits along with a little water and express about 2 teacups juice. Add to this equal quantities of cow's milk and juice of trailing eclipta. Add 8 teacups coconut water and 6 teacups sesame oil. mix in 3 tsp each fine powder of the following separately.

Liquorice, wild turmeric, nutmeg, mace, chebulic myrobalan, belleric myrobalan, dried ginger and black pepper. Now mix all the ingredients together in a vassel and heat over low flame. when the mixture reduces in volume and loses all traces of moisture, leaving behind a thick oil, remove from the fire. Allow it to cool. Bottle. Take 2 to 3 tsp of this oil twice a week and apply on scalp. Massage with fingers for 10 minutes. wash it off with water.


Sandalwood (10-06-2015)


Giddiness due to blood pressure Soak 1 tsp each powdered amla, coriander seeds and sandalwood in a cup of water overnight. Strain and drink the next day. Continue for a few days.

Mix 1 tsp each sandal paste and amla powder. Boil in a glass of water. Filter and drink.

Pain in heart Boil 1/2 tsp sandalwood powder in 1 cup water. Drink thrice daily.
Dysentery Boil 5 pinches of sandalwood powder in 1 cup water, add a little honey and drink.
Stomach upset Add 1 tsp sandalwood powder to a cup of water. Add to the resultant emulsion the following. 1 tsp each sugar, honey and the left-over water used to boil rice.


Neem, Azadirachta indica (30-05-2015)


Joint pains, rheumatism, ringworm, scabies, itch Regular massaging of body with neem oil.

Take 1 tsp of the inner bark mixed with 2 tsp jaggery powder.

Excess flow of blood due to piles Eat 3-4 unripe neem fruits (even if it is bitter)
Fever The leaf decoction taken with pepper powder.
Certain types of deafness Two drops of lukewarm neem oil put inside the ear.
Gum diseases, loose teeth and bad odour Neem twigs used as tooth brushes.
Headache/stomach ache Neem flowers, ground and applied over head/stomach.


Tulsi (20-05-2015) 


Liver problems Clean 10-15 leaves in hot water and eat every mornig. wash it down with a glass of hot water.
Digestion problems, dysentery, gastro-enteritis, gas problem, stomach ache A decoction of 15-20 tulsi leaves taken along with a pinch of rock salt.
Fever, malarial fever

Grind equal quantities of bel flower and tulsi leaves and extract the juice. Take 1 tsp with 1 tsp honey.

Ear diseases Leaf juice used as ear drops.
Headache grind 10-15 leaves with four cloves and 1 tsp dried ginger into a fine paste and apply on forehead.
finely ground leaf powder, sunffed occasionally.
Cold, stomach upset Boil 10-15 leaves in water and drink.


Hibiscus (10-05-2015)

Heart problems Boil 2 petals of hibiscus in 1 teacup water and strain. Mix in a teaspoonful boney and take once a day for a few days.
Weak heart Boil 5 flowers in 1 teacup water till the volume is reduced to 1/2 teacup. Add 1 tsp sugar and 1 teacup cow's milk. Take once a day.
Cystitis, irritable conditions of the urinogenital tract, urinary diseases

Boil 5 flowers in 2 teacup water. mash and filter. Add 1 tsp sugar candy. Take 1 tsp of this decoction once or twice a day for a few days.

Burning sensation while passing urine, sexual debility Dry some flower buds under the sun Powder them. Take 1 to 2 tsp with honey or ghee once or twice a day. This powder can also be added to a glass of milk and taken after the milk is boiled.
Urinary disorders Soak 10 flowers in a jug of water overnight and use this frequently for drinking.
Hair loss, dull-ness of hair Heat 10 flowers in 2 teacups coconut oil till charred. Filter and use as hair oil.
Sexual debility Cut the stamens from 5 flowers and boil in cup of milk and drink every day at bed time.


Yashtimadhukam (27-04-2015) 

Jaundice Make a fine powder of 1 tsp each crushed liquorice root. chicory seeds and rock salt. Take 1/2 tsp with water twice daily.
Low B.P., fatigue Add 3/4 teacup crushed liquorice root to 4 teacups cold water and allow it to stand for 2 hrs. Then bring it quickly to a boil and steep for 5 mts. Add this to the bathwater in the rub.
Peptic ulcer, muscular pain, etc

Soak 1/2 tsp liquorice root powder in 1 teacup water and leave overnight. Mix into the infusion 1 teacup rice gruel (cooked broken rice) and take every morning.

Aching eyes, burning sensation during the discharge of urine, deterioration in vision, headache on one side Powder equal quantities of liquorice and cumin. Take 1/4 tsp every day along with 1 tsp honey for a month.



Muscle strain Heat ginger paste with turmeric paste (1:1) and apply.
Swelling Mix 2 tsp turmeric powder and 1 tsp salt and apply

Take 1 tsp each raw turmeric juice and honey mixed together every morning

Bleeding (internal ) Mix 1\2 tsp turmeric and a pinch of saffron in 1 teacup warm milk and drink.
Cholera, dysentery,  indigestion, skin infections, body heat soak 1 tbsp turmeric bits in slaked lime for a couple of hours. Remove the bits. Dry them in the sun. powder them. This rose-coloured powder can be preserved in vial. Ten pinches of this powder are to be taken along with hot water, milk or honey. Twice daily.

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