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Diseases & Remedies



What is Diabetes? 
The diseases which are listed under Diabetes Mellitus are many with the most common being Type-1 diabetes and Type-2 diabetes. These are diseases of the metabolic system and involve the body's ability in metabolising sugar using the hormone insulin.

Youngever treatment for Diabetes:  
1. Madhumeha niyantrini  churnam one spoon daily with water one hour before breakfast.
2. Aloevera stevia juice 30 ml daily once before breakfast.
3. Triphala churnam daily night 1 spoon with luke warm water at bed time.
4.  Banyan tree dark decoction  of 50 ml daily morning 1 hour before breakfast  is highly effective in reducing the blood glucose levels.

SCIATICA (07-07-2015)


Sciatica refers to pain in back, which gradually travels along the affected lower limbs, the cause is due to compression of Sciatic nerve near the lumbar region of the spine. The disease is known as “Griddhasi” in Ayurveda. It occurs most frequently in people between 30 to 50 years of age. 

1) Pain & throbbing sensation in the rear of leg

2) Pain worsens during sitting or moving the affected limb.

Weakness, numbness or difficulty moving the leg or foot

Youngever Treatment for Sciatica :

Herbs :

1) Lashuna(Allium sativum)

2) Guggulu(Commiphora mukul)

3) Decoction (30 ml) of Guduchi, Neala usiri, Nelavemu, Gokshura is indicated.

4) Application of Youngever relief oil 3-4 drops yields good results.

Non-medical :

1) Yoga

2) Hip flexion & extension exercises

3) Local hot formentation

4) Using Lumbo-sacral belts


DEPRESSION (28-06-2015)


Depression Causes:
Despite intensive research, depression research scientists still do not know the cause or causes of depression. They do believe that that the onset of the illness is frequently caused by a combination of genetic, psychological, and environmental factors. In other words, there is no one cause of depression.
Some people are born with chemical imbalance that causes mental frustrations and often times leads to depression. Depression is inherited, but can also come from other things such as-

  1. Drug use
  2. Addiction to video games
  3. Excessive internet use
  4. Loss of a loved one
  5. Mate cheating
  6. And much more.

Depression Symptoms:

  1. Suicidal thoughts - Long term depression leads to suicidal thoughts
  2. Low self Esteem
  3. Emptiness in oneself
  4. Feeling of guilt and worthlessness - this is a major Depression Symptom
  5. Social withdrawal and agitation
  6. Difficulty in concentration and taking decisions
  7. Sleeping too less(insomnia) or too much (hypersomnia)


1. Ashwagandha rasayanam.
2. Brahmi rasayanam.
3. Jatamansi rasayanam.
4.Yastimadhu rasayanam. A combination of all these churnas 5 g with luke warm milk at bed time yields good results.
5. Aloevera stevia juice 30 ml daily before breakfast.


LIVER DISORDERS (18-06-2015)


The liver secrete bile, which comprises salts and pigments, and aids in digestion of fats. 
It stores the substance necessary for the proper functioning of the bone marrow, which produces red blood corpuscles (RBC).

YOUNGEVER Treatment for liver disorders :

1) Go arkam 20ml with 50ml of water empty stomach in the morning.

2) A combination of Nela usiri, Nelavemu, and Guduchi powders 1 tea spoon daily twice with luke warm water after food.

3) Aloevera stevia juice 30 ml daily half an hour before breakfast.

4) Triphala churnam one tea spoon with luke warm water at bed time.



Osteoarthritis is the most common form of the Arthritis. It is mostly found in the aged people. It is commonly known as O.A. and also called degenerative arthritis and degenerative joint disease.



1.Relief oil available in droppers is very effective for joint pains. 
2.Combination of Aswagandha and Yasthimadhu  with milk daily once yields good results.
3.Triphala churnam at bedtime with luke warm water is indicated.
4. Diet rich in DGLV (dark green leafy vegetables).


HEADACHE (30-05-2015)

YOUNGEVER Treatment for Headache :

    • Relief oil ( Amruta dhara ): Apply  Gentle massage of 1-2 drops of relief oil over the forehead. It instantly relieves the headache.
    • Nasya tailam  1 drop in each nostril  to be administered daily in the morning.
    • Cause  should be treated i.e, Nidana parivarjana.
    • A mixture of Ashwagandha, Jatamansi with milk at bedtime yields better results.


ACNE & PIMPLES (20-05-2015)


Acne vulgaris (the common acne) is very common malady of teenagers involving predominantly the face. Although many efforts have been tried to combat this disease, but still it exists as a troublesome problem in the society. 


1.Aloevera amla juice 30 ml daily half an hour before breakfast.
2.Neem decoction 50ml  taken once daily on an empty stomach help in curing acne and blackheads.
3.Saribadi (Sugandhipala) kashayam 15 to 30ml taken after meals with equal quantity of water, twice a day helps in the cure of acne vulgaris.
4.Triphala churnam taken 5 to 10 gm daily helps in purifying the blood thus helping in the cure of acne.
5.Application of Aloevera gel twice daily removes pimples and black heads.
6.Paste of Yasthimadhu churnam with milk removes pigmentation and makes skin soft.
7.Paste of Nutmeg powder (jajikaya) with milk removes pimples.


LOW BACK ACHE (10-05-2015)

The main causes for low back pain are :
a) Sedentary lifestyle, stress, over use or under use of the back, postural mistakes.
b) Infection in the spinal cord or the nerves produces fever and lethargy.
c) Spinal tumour compresses the spine or nerve roots and cause pain.
d) Lack of exercise or incorrect exercise.
e) Too much weight or overweight.
f) Sciatica (Inflammation of the sciatica nerve). 


1. Treatment in Ayurveda is to bring the vitiated 'dosha' back to the state of equilibrium and thereby to the state of health. For treating low back pain, internal as well as external treatments are done.
2) Detoxification through taking Castor oil threetimes per week for one month to get rid of excess apana Vata (Constipation ).
3) Abhyanga Massage: A one hour full body Abhyanga Massage using warm Herbal Pain Oil and Relief Oil.
4) Aloevera juice 30 ml daily before breakfast.
5) Triphala churnam 5 g with luke warm water at bed time.

6) Decoction of Black gram (Minumulu) 100ml daily for 7-10 days yielded good results in majority of the patients.


Ayurvedic-Herbal medicine for OBESITY (27-04-2015)


Obesity can be defined as excessive enlargement of body's total quantity of fat. There is no biologic reason for men and women to get fatter as they grow older.

Ayurveda's Approach to Obesity

Obesity is described as 'Medoroga' in Ayurveda. It is said that it is comparatively easy to help an underweight person, rather than an overweight person.

The overweight problem can be due to an actual increase in the fat component (Medo Dhatu), or it can be due to malfunctioning. These, accordingly, will need different approaches. In very few cases it can be an offshoot of other metabolic disorders.

Youngever Treatment For Obesity :

Slim and fit powder – Half spoon of this powder and honey made into pellet and should be consumed twice in a day 30 min before food.Also advised to take a full glass of luke warm water.

Apamarga (Uttareni tailam) 15-20ml should be made luke warm and gently massage over the fatty areas for 20min before bath.

Triphala churnam daily night 1 spoon with luke warm water at bed time.


Ayurvedic-Herbal medicine for Grey hair and Hair Loss

Baldness or hair loss is a condition, in which , there is no new growth of hair on the scalp. Instead, the condition leads to excessive hair loss from the scalp. Hair loss can happen to anyone men, women or children at any point of age. Hair loss is mostly related to ageing, do not be surprised if it happens as early as puberty. Hair falling out, thinning or appearing in large amounts in combs or on bed are some of the primary symptoms of hair loss.


  • Application of OSHADHI hair oil over the scalp is very effective in preventing premature gray hair, hair fall, dandruff,and other scalp diseases.
  • Nasya tailam (nasal drops ) available in droppers, one in each nostril should be administered daily after awakening from sleep.
  • If dandruff persists, Aloe Jasmine Hair gel should be applied daily for 7- 10 weeks to scalp at night and advised head bath with Aloevera shampoo in the next morning.
  • Blood purifier combinations such as Neala usiri, Nealavemu, Guduchi, ManjistaNimba should be given in decoction (kashayam) keeping in lieu the prakruti of the patient.


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